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What distinguishes you from all the other escorts?
My towels. Top quality, thick, lush, white... oh wait, that's my semen. Actually both my semen and my towels can be described as such. Except my semen has been known to shoot as far as seven feet. I suppose you could throw a towel further than that, though.
What do you enjoy most in your escort work?
The connection I make with my clients; learning about myself and on a larger level, humanity; and - sex. Woops that was three things - I have trouble picking what I enjoy "most" as one item...
Why did you become an escort?
I didn't sit down one day and think, I want to become an escort. It just evolved. But in retrospect, I can see why I love being one. I truly enjoy the multiple sides of the industry: with some clients, its about closeness; with others its about raw animalistic passion. with others its about counseling and coaching; with others its about pursuing kink or fetish interests. and with others its having silly fun times, and with others its experiencing the intense feelings that arise. I love all those scenarios.

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25 Feb 2015

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