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What is it like dating while being an escort?
I don't date outside of work~ My Clients are my dates/partners/lovers/fuck buds...~ I tried dating a few times but it was ridiculous trying to schedule them in between work and travel~ Had they hired me, they would have seen me more and we would have had more sex~ Go figure~
What would you like your audience, clients and readers know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?
I don't like to jerk off alone... When I do, (rare), I like hands free cumming~ I don't like the show "Glee"~ sterling Archer is my hero and alter ego~ My parents would not allow me to watch the show Lassie because whenever I did, I would panic and start crying because irresponsible Timmy would get his ass into trouble and Lassie would get hurt~ Get it together Timmy, get yer own ass out of the well... (Dumb ass)~ I can't see animals get hurt~ I had to leave the theater during the 2005 version of Kong Kong, (I'd never seem it before), once I realized something awful was going to happen to the monkey~ It was a very disturbing movie for me~
How do you handle your dating and personal life while working in the adult industry?
I don't date and I have no partners outside of my professional life~ It's really quite rare that I play outside of Escorting~ I'm quite private outside of my professional life and generally spend as much time as I can with my aging wolf~ He's 21yrs old as of feb 14th, 2014~ ...had him since he was a pup~ He is the only reason I come home at all~ When he is gone, the world will be my home~

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25 Feb 2015

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