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How do you like clients to feel about the experience when they leave?
Blown away.
When it comes to the actual sex, do you think you’re better in bed than the average guy?
Are you kidding me? The " average guy" doesnt know the first thing about sex. Sorry to be harsh, but that's true. At least, the average American guy. I am better, yes. I think I'm better in bed than most men I cum across (heh heh heh). But that's partly because I've had lots of practice with sex, being in the industry for almost ten years. And partly because I am genuinely interested in being better at sex, no matter what "level" I'm at. I have learned skills, and I am naturally sensual, and I can easlily release my animal side. So, again - yes.
What should a client absolutely know about you?
That I am real, I am fun, I am sexual, I am free. And that I honor and respect them, as a person... I'm not judgemental, and in fact, I'm honestly interested in getting to know them better. Some people are just like that, it shouldnt be hard to conceive that people like me exist...

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25 Feb 2015

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Take The Bull By The Horns! Dakota & Mike Friday 27th of Feb 2015 If you receive this RentMen newsletter and think of yourself as somewhat ordinary, you couldn't be further from the truth. If you receive this RentMen newsletter you are an open minded, extraordinary person, with extraordinary needs. Experienced or not, you know you wanna take the bull by the horns. And you can have a companion for that extraordinary trip - Dakota and Mike will be there to guide you. Or you can choose from 1000's of other RentMen that will do their best to be your favorite - from anywhere on this glorious planet.

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