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Male Escort in
Raleigh, NC
What would you say are your greatest atributes and/or specialty/specialties?
i adhere to morally acceptable values. i don't commit to something i know i cannot do. i take pride in my accomplishments and i always take responsibility of anything I've done to phase anyone. i keep a positive mentality that helps people close to me feel all the positive energy my aura is giving off. i respect my superiors, andelderly folks by default, but i also treat everyone around me with respect. Resourcefulness is my second name, my family, classmates, and friends usually turn to me for help. my specialty is psychiatry and mental health, great at providing therapy (even friends come to me to vent) and am knowledgeable about psychiatric medication. i aspire to show love, kindness, genuine understanding til expire.
What is/are your specialty/specialties?
I specialize in erotic massages. I have a good way with words to stimulate my client until he is aroused. I am good at eating a clean ass and deepthroating.
Where was your most recent over the top best fuck? (top or bottom) and tell us about your most absolutely best orgasm?
I had the most phenomenal orgasm that left all the other orgasms in the dust when i decided to bottom for this guy that had a 9" just to see if i could take that much, having only done it a few times before and their penises were just average. He started of so nice and slow he left it in for a few minutes as he proceeded to suck and play with my nipples. then he began aggressively kissing me and he began to pound my ass, i could feel all his spirits WAY DEEP inside of me, and to my surprise it did not hurt, it felt so good that i came without touching myself and it was the most amazing orgasm i had at the time. it was so good i shot a huge load over my head and onto the walls. i tried walking to the bathroom but my legs were still shivering. i don't know if that is to blame, but for the next couple of weeks i was horny 24/7. Thet was the original over the top best fuck!!
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