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What are 5 things you can’t live without?
Is this a Christmas wish list~? I'm asking because if it is, it's different then my birthday wish list... And my birthday is coming up sooner~ I don't want to be getting Christmas stuff on my birthday~ That just seems wrong~ For my birthday gift wish list, inquire within~ For my Christmas wish list, I'll whisper in your ear and tickle you in places you didn't know you had until you finally give in and say: "okay~! okay~!"... Then I'll stick a bow on you and unwrap you~ (Talking dirty is my way of saying thank you). Alternatively, I may place the now somewhere only own self and have you unwrap me~ I like to be opened up too~ ;-D
What is/are your specialty/specialties?
Interweaving Intimacy into just about any Pervy, kinky, freak show thing you or others can think of and come out loving both of us more in the end~ ...even when the intimacy wasn't about Love~ I'm dirty, filthy, nasty as the day is long but still all boyfriendy and snuggle buddy afterwords~ Intimacy is my specialty... ...and then there's like bondage and medical skills and all of that... Role play and fetish abilities and interests... Being concise doesn't seem to be one of my specialties~ I can't operate cable remote controls either~ I can barely operate microwaves and run away from them when they are operating~ I do however have this strange bonding way with animals~ I used to run off from my parents when I was a kid~ we were up at AquaLand, (in northern Wisconsin), once and I took off~ The place was closing and I was nowhere to be found~ A bunch of people set off afoot in search of me. An hour or so later, they found me curled up, (little spoon), with a fawn deer~ I'd followed him out into the woods until we both for tired and fell asleep together~ True story~
How many times can you cum per day?
My top cum was 12 but, I was shooting blanks after awhile~ I can go seven rounds during an overnight but generally it's close to whatever my play buddy has in mind and is up for~ An average for an overnight is three~ Some guys just want to go one or two rounds and then break into some other activity like dinner, movies, shows, theater, out door sports, diving etc~ ...and that's really great actually because you can have some fun exploring life thru adventure together and then cap it all off with more hot man sex~ Intimacy comes in all kinds of packages not just the one between your legs~ The over all experience makes the sex that much more awesome and the entire experience Grandtastic~!!!

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