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Do you remember your first client ? Tell us something about that first day when you decided to be an escort!
First day, well hmm how do I put it I was almost broke, and at that exact time and moment it was a means to an end, now its different. First client, was easier, and more natural than I thought.
What kind of diet and fitness regime do you follow?
I workout 5 times a week. I go running 5 miles a day and I row 7 miles a day (within those 5 days of the week). I dont eat fast food, I dont care for candy, I prepare meals for cooking that are all natural, I do not use any butter or mayo, I primarily shop while in the grocery store on the aisles on the perimeters of the store.
Some people say that escorting is addictive. Would you miss your escorting days ?
No, because I am always looking forward, the things I do, and or change in my life is for the better or whats ideal for me at that time. So no I would not miss it, cause if I liked it that much, I would keep it around in one form or another.
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