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Male Escort in
New York City, NY
What distinguishes you from all the other escorts?
I been doing this a while. I understand that this is my job . I'm a trusted and reliable . Some escort play games . I'm the real deal
How do you go the 'Extra Mile' for your clients?
I like to make sure my clients is happy and want more . Sometimes I go over the time , for my clients that party I would stay longer to make sure you okay before I leave. I had this one client that was so high he didn't want me to leave , just to stay with him til he come down . I ending up staying there overnight . He took care of me a few days after that . The point I'm making is I go the extra mile to make everybody happy
Can you be an escort without your friends or family finding out?
I'm open not ashamed that I'm a escort . My family knows . The best thing in life is to be you . I don't believe in judgement .

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14 Jan 2015

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YES, WE CAN - PLAY! Tommy & Sean Friday 23rd of Jan 2015 We all know the importance of freedom and we all fight for it every day - Yes We Can! What is freedom without power? We offer you Tommy & Sean, two of our thousands of powerful Escorts worldwide, who know the meaning of freedom and are ready to show you in a very powerful way. It doesn't matter who you are, and what you do - RentMen offers strong and powerful escorts, and you are the one who controls the direction. Yes You Can!

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