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What is it like dating while being an escort?
Well my dating life has been pretty non existent for that last 2 years . I don't think dating while in the industry is really fair to the other person so I've chosen to remain single until I leave the industry for good .
Hobbies, fetishes you like and services you offer / prefer.
A hobby that I enjoy is painting and sketching . I paint landscapes and geometric shapes in my free time and I've been doing it for about 8years . One of my favorite and most popular fetishes would be domination . A client who asks to be dominated knows what they want but doesn't want to have to say it , they just want a real man . Many ask to be slapped , pushed , name called , spit on , etc . As long as they know there limits and we communicate that effectively everything's cool . I also offer piss services lol I've only performed it once but it can be made possible for sure .
What should a client absolutely know about you?
I'm real and I expect the same thing . No what where I am I keep it professional . Nothing wrong with being friendly and making clients feel comfortable but my service is only my service . It's like we will have a very distant friendship but still a friendship ...

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25 Feb 2015

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Who is the winner? - JD & Andrew Friday 20th of Feb 2015 February is the month for awards with nominees eagerly awaiting their prizes. RentMen also has a winner – YOU – the client! Your prizes are the top of class guys like ‘Escort of the Year’ Andrew and ‘Newbie of the Year’ JD – representing just a few of this years award winners on RentMen. Be a winner and come to RentMen to find your prize.

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