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Do you charge your clients upfront? Trust dictates to wait. What is your opinion on developing trust between escorts and clients?
I generally do not ask for payment upfront. Trust is very important in an escort/client relationship. Without trust, neither party will feel at ease, making it impossible to truely relax and enjoy the experience.
Do you remember your first client ? Tell us something about that first day when you decided to be an escort!
Yes, vividely. Despite always wanting to escort and viewing it as glamorous, I never though I would actually do it. About 2 or 3 years ago I had an ad up on craigslist in the casual encounter section looking for a girl to hook up with. Instead this guy contacted me asking if I was open to guys at all for compensation. I was really hurting for money at the time, so I said ok what the hell lets do it. Well it was a rude entry into the industry. This particular client, who is actually a really nice guy who I still see about once a month or so, was my introduction into BDSM. He was into being dom and calling me boy and making me call him sir and say sir every time I talked to him. His main interest is disciplining me by spanking me as I lay across his lap. The first dozen or more times I saw him I resented him and I hated the spanking. But now I'm getting more into pain and its not so bad anymore. One thing is for sure though, I am so glad I met him as many times as I did before starting to work for kink!
Describe your ideal hook up with a client.
Ideally I would meet a client at their house. From there we might walk to a local bar and get to know each other over a drink or two. Or stay in with a bottle of wine. I like to chat first and give my clients the opportunity to talk about things they may not be able to otherwise. I also like to cover their likes and dislikes. Once we have had a couple drinks I might take the lead and get up and put on a little show - slowly strip before posing and showing off my muscles. Then I love a mutual full body oil massage as we transition into the fantasy..

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