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How do you discuss safer sex practices, testing, boundaries and limitations, and your sex life in general when it comes to clients and hookups?
In the beginning, in which ever way we are having open dialogue. I dont hide my interests, standards, or dislikes.
There are many successful career Escort entrepreneurs. How long have you been an escort and how long do think you'd like to continue?
I am not sure, but the minute I dont need it, and I can maintain my life without, I will end it as needed. We all started this line of work for one reason or another. I am not here to use the opportunity as a crutch, but as a necessity for making my life have fluidity for survival and success. Whether that is monetary or not.
What is your favorite position?
Depends on my role, and the sex act that is taking place. But my favorite position depends on the size of the man's dick, cause if his dick isn't big enough - my favorite position is with another mother fucker. Ha Ha Ha. - KIDDING
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