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What should a client absolutely know about you?
That my Mother did a stellar job raising and guiding me.
How would you like someone that contacts you for companionship to feel when they leave?
How does anyone want to be thought of by another especially where intimacy is involved? Ultimately how guests feel is related to how they remember an experience. Give an outstandingly memorable experience and how they feel about themselves, the investment and you are written in.
Is experience necessary for escorting?
Experience is not necessary to escort. Experience IS necessary to be a GOOD or GREAT escort. It takes time to develop as a person regardless and as with any vocation or profession, duration of time spent usually translates to a profound knowledge of your chosen field. [ Though, a healthy libido and a big dick trump experience everytime. ]

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14 Jan 2015

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YES, WE CAN - PLAY! Tommy & Sean Friday 23rd of Jan 2015 We all know the importance of freedom and we all fight for it every day - Yes We Can! What is freedom without power? We offer you Tommy & Sean, two of our thousands of powerful Escorts worldwide, who know the meaning of freedom and are ready to show you in a very powerful way. It doesn't matter who you are, and what you do - RentMen offers strong and powerful escorts, and you are the one who controls the direction. Yes You Can!

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