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How would you like someone that contacts you for companionship to feel when they leave?
I want them to feel invigorated when we are finished with our session.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an escort?
If you want to be an escort, just do it. When I started escorting, I had a friend that showed me the ropes. He gave me advice that I applied from day one and continue to use today. Be personable. Be well mannered. Be yourself. Be honest. Most of all be confident; if its something you can picture yourself doing as a career choice for a while, take it seriously because it is a career that can work for you if you want it to. Set goals. Keep track of your income. Keep up with your clients. Stay driven.
When you meet a new client how did you know where to start?
The best way to start with a new client is a phone call. I have a deep masculine voice which is always comforting factor. The first meeting doesn't always have to be a hook up. Sometimes getting drinks, going out to dinner, or just grabbing coffee is a great way to start.
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