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Have you done any film and entertaining this year, tell us about it!
yes, lots! ask me in person and I'll happily fill you in
Tell us about the best experience you have had with a client.
my first response to this question was monetary, but with just a little deeper inflection and recollection I remembered; the time I was called to meet a client at the Shang ri la in Sydney by a guy with a thick, middle eastern accent. What was originally an overnight booking ended up being 4 days but thats not the point. This man, grew up in Qatar (A country with ridiculous yet, strict "anti-gay laws".) He told me on the first night of our time together that he had planned his trip, worked and saved for his trip, sat on a plane for hours on end and all JUST to meet me! apart from inflating my ego a little (more). It gave me an appreciation for the freedom I enjoy everyday and, a greater understanding of the "service" I was providing. Which seemed to be far more important to this man than sex. which was, the freedom that comes with lost inhibitions which is what I can provide to my clients because of the freedom from inhibitions i've enjoyed my whole life .
What is your favorite position?
balls deep ;-)

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29 Mar 2015

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RentMEN day and night – Christopher & Angelo Friday 17th of Apr 2015 When the night has descended on Los Angeles, a new day has already been born in Dubai. It doesn't matter whether its day or night, thousands of RentMen are just a click away from you. Christopher could be your nighttime companion in LA or Angelo could make your day in Dubai - or vise versa. Day or night - there's no better time to choose your RentMen.

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