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Male Escort in
New York City, NY
How do you like clients to feel about the experience when they leave?
Satisfied, intrigued, worked out, and hungry for more!
What are your favorite condoms, lube, enemas, etc... ? Recommendations?
condoms= i dont have many options... xxl Magnums lube= of course itd have to be eros enema...? do people still use those? = get the shower attachment, not the cheap one that uses gravity.. it saves time and does a way better job at blastin the shit out of ya. and youll be doing me and you a favor later on...
Why did you become an escort?
I moved to California just before my 18th birthday. I had no money saved up really, no job lined up, nothin... But i had to leave Kansas... I think you could guess why. When i got here it was impossible for me to find work anywhere that i could survive on, so i took a dear friends advice from San Diego and started escorting... so far its helped me pull through.. Im not as involved and die hard as most of the others, i imagine id be allot better off if i was financially... But i want to get a job doing something else... something that I can be open about to whomever i want. And something that i can get insurance
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