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How do you handle your dating and personal life while working in the adult industry?
I don't "handle" it. It handles itself. When I start dating someone and things get serious, I disclose that I'm an Escort quickly and unashamedly. 90% of the time it's not a problem, because there is WAY more to me than just a man that gets paid to provide The Ultimate Boyfriend Experience to others that want it, need it, and don't have it for one reason or another... :-)
What do you enjoy most in your escort work?
My orgasms, duh! lol. Actually, I enjoy YOUR orgasms too - a lot of the time more than mine. On an all day booking with Adrian, one of my regulars, he came FOUR times in less than 24 hours – a lifetime record for him, even though he had been in a five-year relationship. He had NEVER cum that many times before. How many times did I cum? Zero :-)
Do you remember your first client ? Tell us something about that first day when you decided to be an escort!
Lonely Pianist. Came over, paid his money as he sat down on the couch. Then he talked for the WHOLE hour. All he really wanted was someone to LISTEN to him. In a noisy world like today, he was willing to pay what some spend WEEKS toiling at minimum wage to accumulate for JUST an hour of my time, someone that's receptive and empathetic to listen to him. We barely kissed. I almost wanted to give him his money back, but then I did put in the time, and I WAS there listening, I was there for him, with one THOUSAND percent of my concentration and attention, not just one hundred. That memory lives with me forever - especially since we both have the same name. I'll always remember and cherish you John, and I sincerely hope that somewhere along the way since our paths crossed a decade ago, that you've found the true love that a sweet, talented, handsome man like you deserves :-)
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