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What do you enjoy most in your escort work?
I enjoy making people happy. Seeing some of the expressions of peoples faces make my day.
Are there any common misconceptions about the porn and/or escorting industry that you’ve found not to be true?
I believe people actually take our careers for granted. We are here to provide something that not a lot of people can do because it takes certain people to be in the industry we are in. We're the reason you have the desires you do. We're the reason why you get off. We're smart, fun, hot and god damnit people like us! I've met a lot of people through being an escort and the porn industry; plus having a charismatic personality helps a lot too ;)
Do you consider yourself a successful escort?
I am a successful escort because I am confident in myself first. If you do not carry yourself well and keep your head held high, no one will take you seriously. Having good looks helps, but confidence makes or breaks it. Clients like it when they see it in your actions. Im successful because Im driven to be the best; no matter what I do.
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