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Male Escort in
San Francisco, CA
What do you do for fun?
I love to do cultural things... Explore the city, take in a play or museum or a movie, try a new restaurant, take my dog for a romp in a park... Just enjoy the moments life gives us.
Do you get STD tests? If yes when and do you disclose the results?
All the time and I tell my results to whomever asks. If I get a bad result on a screening I refrain from seeing clients till it's cleared up. I have a little ace in the hole with the 300mg of Doxycycline I'm taking for acne. I'm on it daily. Having that in my system is a great defense against picking up any of the bacteriological pathogens out there. But I don't rely on that alone. I still get tested.
How do you handle your dating and personal life while working in the adult industry?
It's not easy! I have another job and a dog - both of which place demands on my time and availability. Balancing work and life when you need to be constantly available is very hard. Especially if an overnight or travel is involved. I'm very serious about what I do and I love doing it, but there are always challenges to face and overcome every day. That's why my favorite appointments are the ones who schedule at least a few hours in advance. Makes the juggling act easier.
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