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What kind of diet and fitness regime do you follow?
Funny I just got a gym membership a few weeks ago and have been going four times a week minimum. I also have cut soda almost completely from my diet, and watch what I eat so mainly salads, chicken and steak.
How do you discuss safer sex practices, testing, boundaries and limitations, and your sex life in general when it comes to clients and hookups?
I always make sure to play safe. I have told clients before requesting to bareback, why risk anything like that. One fun time is not worth a life time of dealing with something. I understand that porn makes it out to be amazing to bareback and what not. However most major porn studios are running full test on their models constantly if bareback is involved. I also state to them that while I get tested every four months, and they may be tested. The last person they hooked up with bareback may not have been and that puts risk towards me and no amount of cash is worth risking my health.
What are you views about safe sex and / or bareback sex?
I believe safe sex is amazing, To me there should be no reason to put yourself and/or others at risk with bareback. Even partners should practice safe sex because you never know what could happen one day they could slip up with someone else and that one time may be the time they get something and pass it on to you.
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