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I sing Opera/Broadway/Cabaret at an Award-winning level. Perform rather extensively. If you see me in concert though and yell "I paid that guy $360 to fuck my ass!" I'll yell right back "And wasn't it worth every cent? You forgot the $100 tip you left because I was fucking SPECTACULAR!" ;-) lmfao
Do you get STD tests? If yes when and do you disclose the results?
I'm on PrEP, so I get tested willy-nilly every THREE months. I don't just disclose the results - I broadcast them :-D lol
What are 5 things you can’t live without?
1 - My iPhone 2 - My Laptop 3 - My Lady Gaga song collection - just kidding! ;-) lol 4 - Laughter every day 5 - Love...
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