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Male Escort in
Raleigh, NC
Where was your most recent over the top best fuck? (top or bottom) and tell us about your most absolutely best orgasm?
I had the most phenomenal orgasm that left all the other orgasms in the dust when i decided to bottom for this guy that had a 9" just to see if i could take that much, having only done it a few times before and their penises were just average. He started of so nice and slow he left it in for a few minutes as he proceeded to suck and play with my nipples. then he began aggressively kissing me and he began to pound my ass, i could feel all his spirits WAY DEEP inside of me, and to my surprise it did not hurt, it felt so good that i came without touching myself and it was the most amazing orgasm i had at the time. it was so good i shot a huge load over my head and onto the walls. i tried walking to the bathroom but my legs were still shivering. i don't know if that is to blame, but for the next couple of weeks i was horny 24/7. Thet was the original over the top best fuck!!
Do you remember your first client ? Tell us something about that first day when you decided to be an escort!
I got hired and the extremely generous man took me out for drinks then we went back to his place and talked while we were in the Jacuzzi and well you can fill in what happened next before the end of the night.
For how long have you been an escort?
Since I was 18, now I'm 23 which makes it 5 years of experience!
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