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Do you remember your first client ? Tell us something about that first day when you decided to be an escort!
Actually, I do not. I wasn't in the best head space at that time as it was...I do remember that if there was such a thing as an asshole having an asshole. That would be giving him too much credit. I told him to keep his money. Nowhere on my ad has it ever said I do BB and I especially don't bottom...and I sure as fuck did not drive 40 mins to be offered $100 to do so. We live we learn, but we remember to have faith in humanity and that we're not all totally fucked...but I'll meet up with you anywhere in town(really anywhere) point out a few that are and we can bond over someone else's shit for brains opinions and/or life choices.
How do you like clients to feel about the experience when they leave?
I like them to part with the feeling that no matter what they've made an honest and helpful friend.
Let's imagine for a moment that you will be sexy, young and beautiful forever. Would you remain in the escorting business forever?
No, I would run it to fill my own fucked up sexual needs. If I'm the only immortal one around, I need a constant supply of fresh meat with daddy issues and oral fixation.

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24 Oct 2014

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Welcome To Paradise – Shay & Evan Friday 24th of Oct 2014 We found Shay & Evan on a deserted stretch of tropical beach ready for uber relaxation and fun – care to join them for some playtime in the sun? Imagine the possibilities! Or you can find your own playmates and create your own private paradise from any of the 1000’s of other RentMen from all over our blue planet – only on!

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