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New York City, NY DINOXXL
RentMen: Describe your ideal hook up with a client.
DINOXXL: Hooking up with up with a client im always ready my experience with every single one out there its always different
this is why we are escorts to prepare for anything and as a good es... Read More →

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  • Reviewed by Philip on Feb 02, 06:09

    Kyle has been over five, maybe six times, with me alone and with a friend of mine. What a treat. He's got the looks and the moves, but most important he is always present and into enjoying sex with you. He's patient with newbies. And his bag of toys holds something for everyone. Plus, god forbid, he's bright and witty. He's a fabulous top if you want to get pounded deep and quite the bottom too. Such a delicious butt. My tongue quivers at the thought of it. Versatile doesn't begin to describe his bedroom skills. He's the real deal. Call now.

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It is part of our nature to seek the best around. We always want to share these moments in the best possible way and in some of them RentMen is the place to find your super companions to share these moments. Their abilities and super powers are even closer with our brand new Super Mobile Site, that we launched this week. Share your moments with Micah Brandt, Hugh Hunter, Matthew James and Joshua Ambrose and discover their abilities to satisfy in a super way.

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  • New York City, NY

    Rent The Men You Watch On Video is excited to announce their partnership with award winning Director/Producer Christian Owen of Male Adult Network (M.A.N.). has teamed up with Christian Owen to create a new niche producing original male Escort on Escort videos and Escort video solo content.

    Mike Dutch of RentMen says: “We’re excited to be working with Christian and leveraging his Directing and Production talent paired with our extraordinary models to bring our customers original one of a kind content where you can “Rent The Men You Watch On Video”.

    “A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures”. Dutch says “This is an exciting opportunity for our customers to see Escorts engaged in one on one hot action and fantasize to see what they would be like engaged with that Escort personally. We’re also developing a forum for our customers to suggest who they would like to see paired in video, thus personalizing the content with their favorite models.” is the only worldwide Male Escort video site – RentMen again is revolutionizing the Escort industry with one of a kind original content that fills the void in this niche.

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  • New York City, NY

    Brand new RentMen Mobile

    Together with the introduction of the new Platform, the RentMen, taking the responsibility of a leading male escort website, launched a brand new Mobile version. In addition to the new beautiful and modern design, the RentMen mobile is optimized in order to give you what you need with just a click. The links are optimized in order to provide shortcuts to the RentMen functionalities. The RentMen Mobile features are now working better and faster. Many of our customers already congratulated the team for the new design and the optimization. We thank you all!

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  • New York City, NY now is even better, even faster

    At the end of June, 2016 a special moment for the RentMen team was the launch of a new platform of the site. The RentMen developers created a new version of the site, where the feedback of our customers for the last years was taken into consideration. Being one the worldwide leaders in male escort communities, now RentMen is better, not just because it is faster. The new platform will provide a lot of new opportunities for the team to create new functionalities and optimize the existing ones.

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  • Philadelphia, PA

    Philly& Atlantic City NJ, 725*244*8002 CALL ME

    Cum see my sexual habits also doing Therapeutic & Erotic Massage with my nice smood relaxing hands all over ya body. Call me 725-244-8002 MANISH. USUALLY AROUND PHILLY AIRPORT & CENTER CITY ALSO ATLANTIC CITY NJ AREA. MY SUMMER DISCOUNT RATE $200.00 n hour

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  • New York City, NY


    all weekend i will be giving Amazing incall rates dont miss out on the fantastic weekend you could be having with me. If you would like an incall well amazing rates will be still available with transportation provided (Uber or Lyft) 
    check me out contact info is on my profile 

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  • Los Angeles, CA

    Video @ TEA Show: Chance Wins Best FTM Scene

    Wanna hear my flamboyant sing-songy voice and see me gussied up in a tux? With appearances by FTM porn pioneer Buck Angel & drag queen sensation Jujubee, this vid shows my surprised acceptance speech and an exclusive backstage interview of my MTF co-star Delia Delions and me following our win for Best FTM Scene at the 2015 Transgender Erotica Awards in Hollywood. Receiving this recognition from the greater transsexual porn community is a significant highlight of my film career.

    Now who wants to hire out my award-winning cunt tonight?

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  • Minneapolis, MN

    Minneapolis only a few more weeks!

    I will only be living in Minneapolis for the next couple of weeks until I move back to the East Coast. So gentlemen please make sure to book now. For that reason and also because of the fact that my spring fever has turned into summer lust! I'm offering extended packages for reduced rates so please ask about that. Let's book something now guys

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  • New York City, NY

    Visitor Q: How do I know if the guy I want to hire

    Thanks for writing.
    One of the biggest concerns callers have is if they are going to be wasting their time when calling someone. With this, I ask a caller to take a step back and think to when they are about to go on a mystery date or meet someone from online. Do they have these same concerns when in these situations? Probably not as strongly. On the plus side, with good professionals, there is alot they are willing to offer you to minimize the risk.

    When I want to hire a man, I look at a couple of things. Reviews are great and their write ups are helpful too in their interviews. Whether they kiss or not is often a deal breaker, and you can look these things up more easily from community feedback with a bit of homework.

    A phone call is better and a live face to face conversation is the best.

    The best escort is the one you would want to go on a date with if you met in public. How does he handle himself with a stranger? How considerate is he of you and possibly others around him? If you think this guy would do that, then this is a good sign.

    How willing is he to let you decide? If you two decide to meet, it is a MUTUAL decision. If he is talking to you and showing interest, now how does he let you decide?

    When I have someone on the fence, I like to ask, 'What would it take to make you feel at ease?' or 'What would you need to say yes?'

    If you are still unsure, listen how the pro handles himself.
    'Alright. Please think it over. I want you to have a good time and will try to put you at ease how I can.'

    'Okay. When you know what you want, let me know.'

    Which sounds like a man you want to date? Let alone comp for the time?

    And finally, it's in the kiss.
    Even if the relationship is only for an hour, a good kiss will let you know immediately. That's my personal take on it anyway.

    Please keep sending your questions and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE provide feedback so I can continue bringing you fresh content relevant to your experiences and entertaining between watching porn. :)

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