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Washington, DC eightlatintop
RentMen: How would you like someone that contacts you for companionship to feel when they leave?
eightlatintop: I want them to feel great that they had an unforgettable experience and keep thinking about it for a good time, perhaps for the rest of their life :)... Read More →

Featured Gay Escort Review

  • Reviewed by SweetLove on May 20, 16:44

    After dismissing my thoughts of hiring an escort for years, for my 57th birthdays I elected to take the plunge and could not be happier that I did!

    I had seen (and appreciated) Tyger's profile before, as we both live in Portland; and while I was attracted to both his romantic and fetishistic sides, it was his seductive eyes and beautiful smile that sealed the deal!

    I was nervous when he arrived, but he put me immediately at ease with his strong embrace and deep, passionate kiss that made it seem as if we'd been lovers for years. We eventually ended up in bed where I felt the most complete sexual satisfaction I ever had--I could imagine never leaving! Hours later, including a glass of champagne which we seductively sipped and shared, we finally called it night.

    We never managed to get too wild, but the hours we spent together were just PERFECT! I very much hope to spend more time with Ty, and maybe see what he brought to play with in his orange backpack the NEXT time. :-)

    Thank You, Tyger!

    AAATygerscentXXX's Full Review
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The beauty of companionship is that TheCanon, Manintown, Daxton or Tomi can be wherever you want them to be. Right next to the bed, behind the corner, maybe you meet at the bar or find each other at the beach. It’s all up to you. You are in charge and can create the night, weekend or vacation that you desire. So go ahead – sit back and dream - then create an experience that is of your design. Choose from 1000’s of men from all corners of the globe, they will be wherever you want them to be.

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RentMen Male Escort Blog

  • Las Vegas, NV

    More Miles Means More Rewards

    If you think about it, hiring an escort is a lot like getting cleared by TSA for PreCheck. You're a veteran explorer and you know where you're going. You know what you want. You’re just bypassing security and shitty hookup sites, skipping the patdown and endless bullshit emails, avoiding unexpected obstacles and misleading profile photos and going directly to your gate, boarding your plane and taking flight. If you’re in Vegas, why gamble? Fly with me, Miles Previtire (that’s Preh-vuh-teary) where there’s never a failure to launch and there’s always something special happening. Something special…in the air.

  • Palm Springs, CA

    San Antonio, TX - 7/23-7/25, 2015 - JD DANIELS

    Hello Gentlemen. Little reminder note that I will be visiting San Antonio, TX - July 23rd-July 25th, 2015. I'm available for appointments anytime - 24/7. Calling or texting is a much faster way of getting ahold of me at 818.657.9822. Leave a message on my voicemail or text me if I'm not able to answer right away. Thanks, and looking forward to servicing you sooner than later. :). JD Daniels

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  • San Francisco, CA

    Back in SF, back on RentMen!

    After a short break, I'm very happy to be back in two of my favourite places at once - San Francisco and RentMen.

    Whether you're visiting for Dore or a resident looking for something different, I'll be very happy to make your acquaintance while I'm here.

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  • New York City, NY

    Trusted Escort Reviews in Client profiles

    Based on feedback from our customers we’ve developed a new feature with the RentMen Trusted Escort Reviews - Clients now have the option to publish their Escort reviews in their own personal RentMen Client Profile.

    With this new option Escorts have the opportunity to read about the Clients experiences with other Escorts and get additional perspective to enhance their time together.

    Of course Clients will have the option to remain anonymous and not post the Reviews in their Profile. This option is available when submitting their Trusted Escort Review. A check box is available in the Review form to submit or not to submit the review to their profile.

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  • Philadelphia, PA

    HBG.PA07/22, PBG.PA07/24 then CHI.IL Sun.26

    You looking Pleasurable Massage / Some Hot sex to satisfy your needs I'm your man....

    Right Now In Philadelphia Pennsylvania & Atlantic City New Jersey AREA AVAILABLE NOW, THEN BELOW IN 》》 


    Harrisburg Pennsylvania Wednesday 22th July 2015

    Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Friday 24th July 2015

    Chicago Illinois Sunday 26th July 2015

    Check Out My Page For More Details On My Services text or Call Me NO BLOCK OR PRIVATE NUMBERS....725-244-8002 MANISH !

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  • New York City, NY

    Trip to San Francisco!

    July 23-30.
    Staying near Laurel Heights.
    Private place to host, can host or travel.

    Will be a pup handler on Thursday night and will also be at Dore Alley on Sunday.
    Fans who want to donate a gift?
    I LOVE rubber. The more rubber clothing, the better.
    Leggings especially in bright colors.

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  • New York City, NY

    Visitor Q: What if I have been scammed?

    Thanks for writing.
    Here are some solid tips.

    First, be clear about what happened. For instance, "Money is missing from my wallet." If your memory is fuzzy on details, you have to think harder. Money was stolen or you forgot?

    You can leave a review here on Rentmen describing what happened. If the escort has 3 offenses, the admins will ban them. You can also go to and tell your story on the forums or in a review section. If the admin accepts your claim, that story will stick in the record permanently.
    If you have solid proof (such as incrminating text messages), go to social media. Twitter, Tumblr. Unfortunately, scammers can also use internet means to censor your feedback on them. Put enough of it out there that at least one person will find it and avoid the scammer.

    Worst case scenario, call the theft a tax write off as a charitable donation to a church (take your pick). Leave a record of the story for people to find and follow best practices when hiring (reviews, research, talking to them, etc.)

    Keep writing and sorry for what happened to you.

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  • Portland, OR

    Taking In calls *Limited Time Only*

    I have a rare week with the house to myself and have decided to take some in calls. I don't know when I will have this opportunity again, so be sure to take advantage now and don't miss out! Friday July 31st will be the final day. Please plan ahead and schedule at least 1-2 days in advance, 2-3 is better. Text for the fastest response. Standard rates will apply. Looking forward to meeting you :) *Note I will not be available this Friday July 24th.

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  • New York City, NY

    Escort Q: How do I make a real business?

    Thanks for writing.
    The answer will come in multiple posts.
    Let's start with a good primer.

    What you are doing is in fact a real business.

    You are in the business of luxury personal consulting sales.

    THIS is the oldest profession, not the other one.

    Three books I would recommend to get your head in the game are:

    Made to Stick by Chip Heath
    How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie
    Crucial Conversations, Kerry Peterson

    These books will teach you techniques and basic principles of how to clarify what you are offering in business and how to communicate that to an audience. These resources also give basic and advanced tools for how to find an audience to listen to you when they are not immediately apparent.

    Ultimately, you are in the business of making people happy, and they have to understand you to start that.

    Happy reading! More coming in part 2

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  • Toronto, Ontario


    I love the summer great time of year to see hot guys outside with little clothing on and having erotic dreams of being with them in bed. Seeing guys walking around town when its hot out and showing their assets really gets me horny and thinking. Being a client on "RENTMEN" its nice to pick and chose among so many cute, talented , and great looking guys on here to give you that hot fantasy you been dreaming about. "RENTMEN" has a great selection of guys on here to give you what your looking for and all the various kinks as well. Have a great and hot summer with hot and horny guys on here, they will give you that dream and fantasy your looking for. I have to go and get ready for my next encounter with one of these hot guys its the one thing I am defiantly looking forward too. Have a great summer guys and thanks to you The ESCORTS And MASSEURS on here for providing your clients with the very best experience's we appreciate all that you do for us.:).... Michael xoxo

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