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Los Angeles, CA infacto
RentMen: What distinguishes you from all the other escorts?
infacto: something i'm rather proud of is my ability to go from being totally reserved, private, and vanilla, to totally shameless and daring in public or in private. based on a clients desires,... Read More →

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New Sultry Summer Men Brandon, Randy & Kyle

Summer is waning and this week we propose a group of great men to make your August holiday picnics a lot tastier - Brandon, Randy and Kyle sizzle - don't miss them!

Don't miss the meaning of "Over the top" at the Mikeyusatop featured Review of the Week.

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  • Harrisburg, PA

    BOS.MA09/02, HFD.CT09/04thenSTM.CT09/06

    You looking Pleasurable Massage / Some Hot sex to satisfy your needs I'm your man....


    Boston Massachusetts Tuesday 2nd September 2015.

    Hartford Connecticut Friday 4th September 2015

    Stamford Connecticut Sunday 6th September 2015.

    Check Out My Page For More Details On My Services text or Call Me NO BLOCK OR PRIVATE NUMBERS....725-244-8002 MANISH !

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  • Orange County, CA

    Tips For Clients On Finding Escorts

    Hey guys, so they shut down RentBoy, huh? Well there never going to stop the escort sites, there are too many of them and once one falls another rises. If you go to Google and search male escorts and put your city you will find hundreds of different websites to check out including RentMen, HourBoy and M4SN.

    The government is shutting down these websites because of the users on then who are "prostitutes" and the only reason they care about that is because they are not able to collect taxes from them. Kind of like how they can't tax pot so it is still illegal.

    If you are worried about the police when it comes to picking an escort you can always look up the number on Google and see what comes up. If there are a lot of ads and good reviews then you are probably safe but if there is nothing on him be weary. Also, has been a good resource for females and their clients although I am not sure if they post male busts as well.

    Anyways, I figured you all may want some other sources to check out and I hope these tips will help you. Be careful out there and remember to never give in to corrupt government.


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  • San Francisco, CA >> AndrewMaroc

    New to RentMen?

    Looks like Andrew signed up for RM several years ago, but he's been more active on another site -- until it recently got shutdown in NYC. But RM is based in Amsterdam and things are perfectly legal here and the US FBI cannot access records. So welcome back to RentMen. Andrew is a most amazing man. Do get to know him. You won't be sorry!!

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  • Los Angeles, CA


    So I guess this is the new "RENTBOY"? Where else is everyone going to go? I don't think RB is going to be back up and running. Waiting to hear more information. =)

    Visiting LA
    Home San Diego.

  • Zurich, Switzerland

    Rentboy CEO Jeff is down

    It scare me enough to move to US.
    Hope it doesn't happen in here.
    hope escorting in NYC,US will not change.

    If someone has additional info except NEWS.
    I would love to know it


  • New York City, NY

    Grindr sucks

    I'm not a fan of Grindr .... Yesterday reminded me why. As I was wondering threw Chelsea I was hit up by a very promising very large very muscular black top. I don't get fucked very often and was really excited to get my ass demolished. When I got to the tops apartment he was big and handsome but lacked passion and heat. He didn't kiss, he didn't touch, wouldn't let me suck his dick, and wouldn't eat ass ! ... Just wanted to stick it in. I gotta say if your going to fuck me I'll be needing a major ass eating especially if your a super hung. He did get me in a good position and fucked ok but with out foreplay I just wanted to get the hell out of there ... I jacked off a load just to end the hookup. He seemed very proud of him self when I came. I thanked him and got the hell out of there and went for an ice cream. I understood this hookup as a lesson what NOT to do as a lover ... Always be engaged and passionate, if a lover asked for something.. Do it! The happier they are the happier you will be. Never hold back always give all of yourself

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  • Toronto, Ontario

    3 more days in Montreal!!!!

    I'm staying 3 more days in Montreal. If you want to meet me before I go back to Toronto, please message me soon, so that we can arrange some time to meet ;-)

    Last chance!! Don't miss it!!
    I'm staying near Peel station in downtown. I can host :)

    Ken xoxo

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  • Harrisburg, PA

    Philly& Atlantic City NJ, 725*244*8002 CALL ME

    Cum see my sexual habits also doing Therapeutic & Erotic Massage with my nice smood relaxing hands all over ya body. Call me 725-244-8002 MANISH. USUALLY AROUND PHILLY AIRPORT & CENTER CITY ALSO ATLANTIC CITY NJ AREA. MY SUMMER DISCOUNT RATE $200.00 n hour

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  • Richmond, VA

    As RentMen of the day

    I'd like to thank the staff and all the wonderful men I've met along my journey on this website. I'm on a NATION WIDE tour. I'm going to every single city from the east coast down to FL thru NoLa, Texas, AZ, Denver, Cali, etc... If YOU'RE SOMEWHERE in the contental US and can wait for a quality 6ft6inch beefy HUNG dude then I want to see your name in my inbox.
    Mild to Wild to down right dirty ;)
    Massage AND more ;)

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