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    No signup required to contact our men is 100% free to browse. Without signup you can always:
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    100% free to

    and contact escorts and masseur

    And here are the benefits of Creating a Client Profile:

    • Private internal email full management of your privacy settings
    • Upgrade to premium video membership
    • Bookmark your favorites
    • Who saw me - Who did i see

    Enjoy these RentMen Profile Features and many more!
    • Fully Visual Profile - unlimited pictures and videos
    • Unlimited & uncensored text with fetishes and rates - be who YOU are
    • Personal webpage linking allowed
    • Cruise our Client database in your home or travel location
    • Personal RentMen Email Address
    • Map Me feature helps clients locate you
    • 3 Free Travel Locations
    • Available Now and Online Now features… and much more!
    be your own bo$$
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    • On the go? RentMen has you covered!
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    • is ANYWHERE you are!

    Escorts in the palm of your hands

  • Free travel locations
    for male escorts

    • Escorts and Masseurs - Get advance bookings!

    • Pick up to 3 destinations you are going to visit and let your fans know up to a month in advance.

    • We place your ad and the dates you are visiting in your travel location for you.

    Let your fans know where you are going to be

  • Personal RentMen Mailbox
    • Free email address for clients and escorts!

    • Now people can contact you while you keep your private life private.

    • Come and claim you personalized email address!

  • map me

    • Show your location to your fans. Let clients see how close you are to them!

    • You will be surprised to know how many clients find distance a deterrent.

    • Share your current location with your fans. Update it as often as you wish.

    Make long distance relationships a thing of the past

  • RentMen never sleeps!

    • Can you have your ad approved on Sunday morning at 3am? Well maybe not with our competitors.. but try here! You ail surprised!

    • Client and escort support is
      never sleeping!
      We work 24/7!

  • rent the man
    you watch on video

    • A video is worth 1000 pictures

    • Get to know him before you call!

    • Original male escort videos!

    • The first and only site offering exclusive amateur Escort Videos and Escort Video Interviews.

    Currently over 5,500 videos in our library!

  • RentMen Exclusive Interviews

    • Get to know a little more about the personality and preferences of the Escort you are reviewing and may decide to contact.

    • Only RentMen gives the Escort or Masseur an option to provide you a Personal Interview in his own words so you can make a better decision based on what he says about himself. Read about his personal point of view, learn what he thinks about his work, what he does in his spare time and how he wants you to feel after spending time together.

    Get to know the escort before you call

  • Feature your interview

    • Starting at only US $1 per hour - you can't afford not to feature your Interview!

    • Featured Interviews increase your Profile views by over 400% - It's Proven

    • Put your Interview on the Homepage - Prime Visibility - Get in front of the Clients you want to reach!

    • "Get To Know Him Before You Call" - Interview help Clients make the right hiring decision

    RentMen Interviews add your 'voice' to your profile

  • High tech dash board

    • RentMen Dashboard offers a simple view into the data associated with your RentMen account.

    • With your dashboard you can handle all of yours features
    • Summarizes the data associated with each feature you use when signed in to your account.
    • Provides links to control your personal settings.
    • Covers more than 15 services including Mailbox, Search, Interviews, Travels, etc.

    Designed to offer you transparency and control

  • Award Winning Customer Service

    • Reach us by email, phone, SMS or Chat

    • Our Webmasters and Customer Service Representatives are committed to help you within 2 business hours or within 24 hours guaranteed!

    • We Enjoy supporting our Community!

    We Enjoy supporting our Community!

  • Connect your profile with Twitter!

    • Get connected with Twitter

    • Get Connected with Twitter! Log into RentMen and connect your Twitter account to Tweet your Availability & your personal Status Updates and news while you promote yourself and your RentMen profile!

    • You can post your favorite photos and videos from the whole website.

    • Go also to our Tumblr or Blog page.

    You can popularize your profile, by sharing it to your personal Twitter wall.

  • Comprehensive visitors statistic

    • Want to know how many total and unique visits your profile gets, how many people clicked on your 'Call Me Now' button and how many have sent email to your RentMen personal mailbox?

    • Your stats page includes a bunch of nifty graphs, charts, and lists that show you all that and more.

    Review the statistic for your profile

  • Client profiles

    You are a client looking to hire?
    • With RentMen you can be 100% anonymous

    • Get your RentMen profile page with photos, videos, stats and detailed description

    • Upload photos, describe your fetishes and fantasies

    • Client profiles are visible only for registered RentMen escorts

    You can express yourself with a creative RentMen profile

  • Trusted RentMen

    • With RentMen Trusted Escort Reviews™ you can submit a review about the escorts you have visited or read his reviews by other Clients.

    • To ensure and maintain the integrity of Advertiser Reviews we verify the validity of the profiles of the Client and the Escort.

    We invite you to write Reviews of Escorts you have met

  • Membership Gift

    • You can gift one, two or twelve months of membership to any Escort you like.
    • Upon successful payment if you are
      registered and logged in RentMen Client

      you will also receive a Free Premium
      Client Membership for the selected period!

    • The process is very simple with just 3 easy steps.
    • Click here to find the short description

    Gift membership to the escorts you like

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